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Online Coaching is mainly designed vor endurance athletes. But you don’t have to be necessarily an triathlete, marathon runner, or cyclist. It is designed vor athletes who are not living nearby to work with them one on one. For business women and men who only have a small gap during the day, or housewifes and mothers who workout at home with equipment everybody has at home.
Either way: my philosophy of coaching applys here as well.

The training schedules are designed individually on your preferences. Experience and your level of performance are taken in cosideration as well as your goal setting and your time management.

The data you collect with your heart rate monitor or wattmeter can be uploaded and permit us (me and you) conclusions to be drawn from your workout, to mvisualize the development and to analyze it scientifically to programm your further workouts.


To give your workout a healthy basement and to collect all the data we need to plan your training, I recommend to to a performance diagnostics or even a complete check up (often covered by your insurance).

A good and competente place to do that is the Sportclinic in Zurich.

No limits, same price for everyone

There is no gold, beginner, hobby or pro package. Everybody gets for his or her training schedule my full attention and you can contact me every time.

A 3 month schedule is CHf 555,- . Communication is one important factor in online coaching and this is why I don’t put limits here, e.g reducing the Email support on 1 email per week. A limit in communication is a limit for your training.


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