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Strength, endurance, coordinative skills and mobilty are the basic elements which define our body and its funktioning. It doesn’t play a role if you are an olympic athlete, reovering from a heart surgery, if you have given birth to a child, if you are a triathlete or a marathon runner. All those mentioned groups have a different requirement profile to this basement.
People I am working with are doing a lot of functional work. But working on isolated muscles can be neccessary as well, e.g. during a rehab after an injury.
I have dealt with all those subjects at university and at work and can hand this knowledge and experience now to your hands.
The following list gives you an overview over the fields I can work with you:

  • Improvement of endurance (triathlon, marathon, bike, swimming)Verbesserung der Ausdauer (Triathlon, Marathon, Velo, Schwimmen)
  • Improvement of strength with specific needs
  • mobility
  • koordinative skills/balance
  • Spiroergometrie/Stoffwechsel
  • Exercise physiology/metabolism
  • Rehab



  • Free intro 1x
  • Personal Coaching 1x: CHf 130,- Use of training studio or 15km travel to you included
  • 10x Personal coaching: CHf 1100,- Use of training studio or 15km travel to you included
  • Combination with online coaching: CHf 100,-/training, Use of training studio or 15km travel to you included


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